Monday, April 25, 2011

Video Distribution Amplifier: Boostes the Video signal

A video distribution amplifier splits and displays the signal on more than one display output. Its various versions are 2, 4, 8 and 16 ports and it supports many display devices. By proper use of the daisy chain such devices can display on more number of the outputs. It not only replicates the signal but can also transfer it to the output located at certain distance from the source. By the use of the inexpensive Cat5 cables it can reach up to several feet away.

These do have an in-built booster which is used to enhance the video quality. It can deliver a very crystal clear image. If the monitors are very well connected to the PC. It can split the device from one source of the S-Video Splitter and Audio signal to at least eight devices. It is used for the distribution of the signal from VCRs, Camcorders, and so forth.
It is compatible with almost all S-Video devices and many display monitors. Such device works in many modes and helps to monitor them simultaneously. The dual mode or the Split Screen mode is where the screen is populated by one of the video supplies and the later one is side by side at full size. The HDMI Splitter is the other type used for the transmission of hdmi signals which is the latest one and is highly in demand.


  1. nice stuff, video splitter is an electronic device which is used to split the video signal to display the same video on multiple display devices at same time without any signal distortion. There are various types of video splitter which can be categorized on the basis of video signal. DVI splitter used for dvi video signal, VGA splitter used for VGA signal and HDMI splitter are used for HDMI video signal. Latest version of hdmi splitter is 1.4 with 3D support. for its features you can click at

  2. I think video transmitter and receiver will always be popular.