Monday, April 25, 2011

Video Distribution Amplifier: Boostes the Video signal

A video distribution amplifier splits and displays the signal on more than one display output. Its various versions are 2, 4, 8 and 16 ports and it supports many display devices. By proper use of the daisy chain such devices can display on more number of the outputs. It not only replicates the signal but can also transfer it to the output located at certain distance from the source. By the use of the inexpensive Cat5 cables it can reach up to several feet away.

These do have an in-built booster which is used to enhance the video quality. It can deliver a very crystal clear image. If the monitors are very well connected to the PC. It can split the device from one source of the S-Video Splitter and Audio signal to at least eight devices. It is used for the distribution of the signal from VCRs, Camcorders, and so forth.
It is compatible with almost all S-Video devices and many display monitors. Such device works in many modes and helps to monitor them simultaneously. The dual mode or the Split Screen mode is where the screen is populated by one of the video supplies and the later one is side by side at full size. The HDMI Splitter is the other type used for the transmission of hdmi signals which is the latest one and is highly in demand.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HDMI Splitter: Most Desired for HDMI Signal Distribution and Amplification

HDMI is the best audio and video display device. In many cases the audio or video equipment does not have the HDMI connectors. In such case a splitter is useful as the output of the HDMI signal is connected to multiple devices through such a one connection.

The HDMI Splitter is very much portable and does not need any software/hardware driver for is installation. Its works on simple plug and play functionality. The Infra Red remote or simple manual control button on the front panel controls the switch. The Input is always detected by the front-panel LED's. It works in such a manner so that DVI and HDMI inputs because the HDMI at the back is very much compatible with DVI. It gives a video amplifier bandwidth of up to several MHz. It is highly compatible and reliable device.
Its installation is best for applications, where it is desired to display the same image on many high quality HDMI devices. It can be used in remote monitoring and training facilities. The other form of the splitter is the quad screen splitter which takes the display from four at a time and converts them into one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Digital Signage: Best Mode of Effective Advertising

The best and innovative development in the world of real-time marketing is the digital signage which helps in better communication among the various the business parties. So be it the airport or driving down the highway, it provides up-to-date messages to the audience. Through the information can be communicated to right audience, at the right time and at the right place. It has the better provision of updating the content. Those companies that specialize in digital signage can create their own idea and help them through the content. The information can be distributed to many servers and relayed over a network via TCP/IP protocols.

Among the numerous benefits associated with this technology, the most common ones are real time information transfer from anywhere in the world, revenue generation by targeting specific locales and customers, influencing customer behavior, creating brand awareness, enhancing customer experience, consistency of cost and lower cost of production. It is believed that in near future there is going to be many demands for the best digital signage hardware. As per the current status of the digital Signage use it has proved to be one of the best form of the marketing channel. The digital signage medium is helping organizations to reach to greater heights in the field of retail and public sales advertising and marketing.

Friday, April 8, 2011

KVM Switch- Consumes Less Space and Time

The best use of the KVM switch is that it helps to develop a connection between a single keyboard, monitor and mouse with many computers connected in a network. It has served many purposes to the network administrators as it consumes less time, money, space, equipment and power. Through it many switches can be controlled in a pool of server computers using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. It is available in 2, 4, 8 and 16-port versions, and supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1440.

At home, computers effectively help us to use the computer from one room to another. It is also used in cyber cafes; as the administrator can do remote monitoring, and so much more of all their systems while sitting on one computer.
Same is the functionality of the DVI KVM Switch as through it a single keyboard, video and mouse to can be used to control computers with DVI video. It supports various platforms and operating systems helps to display and control all video signals from different computers on a single screen with keyboard and mouse operation. It can be controlled through the push buttons on the front panel or the key commands from the keyboard. It is generally used in workstations in server farms and process control centers. If a user wants to control many computers through a single keyboard, video and mouse; then it is possible by it.Same is the way the HDMI switch functions it is used to transmit the HDMI signals over longer distances.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

VGA Switch: Hassle Free Transmission of VGA Signals

The benefit of using the VGA Switch is that the VGA video source helps to display the VGA signal without the use of the VGA cables. Here it allows sharing a single video display to be switched between multiple video sources to a single one. Here the plugging and unplugging of VGA cables can be prevented effectively

To view the video signal from different video sources on a single display device a Video Switch is used. It maintains the clarity of images and supports higher resolutions. It is available in many versions depending on the port chosen; it may be 2 port, 4 port, 6 port up to 16 ports. It gives distortion free signal as it prevents from the process of disconnecting and reconnecting many video sources.These find application where there is need to display the signal over multiple sources. Best used in the conference rooms, military and industrial applications.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DVI Extender: Helps to Develop Connection at Remote Locations

Depending on the length of the fiber optic cables there are several models available. One is single link DVI Fiber Optic Extender and the other one is DVI Dual Link Fiber Optic Extender. These can help to transmit via fiber optic cable high resolution digital video. These devices vary in the resolutions supported by them.

DVI Extender is used to transmit the digital video signals over long distances is via Cat5 / Cat6 UTP cable. The other option to transmit to even greater distances is through fiber optical cable. It comprises of a transmitter adjacent to the DVI source and a unit near the remote LCD monitor. It is available with in 2, 4 or 8 port versions and it can help us to connect to DVI monitors located at remote locations.
Cat 5 DVI Extender exists in 2, 4 and 8 port splitter units. The power adapters which are already available help in remote connectivity. Many other varieties of this extender unit are also available on the market today including the single link DVI over fiber and DVI dual link fiber optic extender. CAT5 DVI Extender unit is compatible with all OS. LEDs are integrated in it which indicates the DVI signal activity and helps to operate at a video amplifier bandwidth of several GHz.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Digital Signage: Best Used for Real time Advertising

Digital signage is used in outdoor advertising and also in real-time marketing. It helps in better communication between the business parties. Through it one can convey the information to right audience, at the right time and at the right place. So be it the airport or driving down the highway, it provides up-to-date messages to the audience. It also has the provision to update content. Now that there are companies that specialize in
digital signage hardware solutions, one can create own with the right idea with the help of the content.

One has to choose the locations across which one wants to display the message. The best location is considered the entry gate of any big mall or the shopping centre where there is best visibility. The Rackmount LCD monitors chosen should be of big screens for better picture clarity. These monitors located at different locations are in turn connected to the central computer using a video distribution amplifier.