Thursday, April 14, 2011

HDMI Splitter: Most Desired for HDMI Signal Distribution and Amplification

HDMI is the best audio and video display device. In many cases the audio or video equipment does not have the HDMI connectors. In such case a splitter is useful as the output of the HDMI signal is connected to multiple devices through such a one connection.

The HDMI Splitter is very much portable and does not need any software/hardware driver for is installation. Its works on simple plug and play functionality. The Infra Red remote or simple manual control button on the front panel controls the switch. The Input is always detected by the front-panel LED's. It works in such a manner so that DVI and HDMI inputs because the HDMI at the back is very much compatible with DVI. It gives a video amplifier bandwidth of up to several MHz. It is highly compatible and reliable device.
Its installation is best for applications, where it is desired to display the same image on many high quality HDMI devices. It can be used in remote monitoring and training facilities. The other form of the splitter is the quad screen splitter which takes the display from four at a time and converts them into one.


  1. nice post, just use hdmi splitter if you want to display the same hdmi video signal to multiple hdmi display devices from a single HDMI source. If you want it support to 3D then use HDMI Splitter v1.4 3D.

  2. I have used this product for almost more than a year. I used this product for transmitting dvd upscaled to 1080i signal over 50ft htmi cables, the item has been kept power on 24/7 transmitting average 5 hours per day everyday for almost a year, still works perfectly.