Thursday, April 7, 2011

VGA Switch: Hassle Free Transmission of VGA Signals

The benefit of using the VGA Switch is that the VGA video source helps to display the VGA signal without the use of the VGA cables. Here it allows sharing a single video display to be switched between multiple video sources to a single one. Here the plugging and unplugging of VGA cables can be prevented effectively

To view the video signal from different video sources on a single display device a Video Switch is used. It maintains the clarity of images and supports higher resolutions. It is available in many versions depending on the port chosen; it may be 2 port, 4 port, 6 port up to 16 ports. It gives distortion free signal as it prevents from the process of disconnecting and reconnecting many video sources.These find application where there is need to display the signal over multiple sources. Best used in the conference rooms, military and industrial applications.

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  1. It enables two sources to share one display or one source to select one of two connected displays. And commonly Male to Male cables are required to connect the box to displays & PC's.